Symptoms of Sepsis


Stage 1:
Uncomplicated sepsis caused by infections . Initial response with SIRS, that is manifested by two or more of the following conditions:
Temperature >38.3°C or <36.0°C
Heart rate >90bpm
Respiratory rate >20 breaths/min
White cell count <4 or >12g/L
New altered mental state
Blood glucose >7.7mmol/L (not diabetic)

Stage 2:
Severe sepsis occurs when the body’s response to infection has started to interfere with the function of vital organs. The organs affected are heart, kidneys, lungs or liver. Severe sepsis is associated with organ dysfunction, hypoperfusion or hypotension. Severe sepsis is manisfested by the following conditions:
Central nervous system: Acutely altered mental status
Cardiovascular system: Systolic <90 or mean <65mmHg
Respiration: SpO2 >90% only with new/more oxygen
Renal: Creatinine >177μmol/L or urinary output <0.5ml/kg/hr for 2 hrs
Hepatic: Bilirubin >34μmol/L
Bone marrow: Platelets <100
Hypoperfusion: Lactate >2mmol/L
Coagulation: international normalized ratio >1.5 or partial thromboplastin time >60 seconds

Stage 3:
Septic Shock: several organs stop functioning sequentially or simultaneously, and cardio-circulatory failure leads to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Sepsis-induced hypotension despite adequate fluid resuscitation, along with the presence of perfusion abnormalities that may include – but are not limited to – lactic acidosis, oliguria or an acute alteration in mental status. Patients receiving inotropic or vasopressor agents may not be hypotensive at the time that perfusion abnormalities are measured.

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I have established this forum to discuss real life accounts and experiences surrounding sepsis. The symptoms are not easily identifiable. By discussion and sharing experiences we can learn from one another and hopefully save lives.

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