Sepsis Six

The Sepsis Six is the name given to a bundle of medical therapies designed to reduce mortality in patients with sepsis.

2011, The UK Sepsis Trust published evidence that use of the Sepsis Six was linked to a 50% reduction in mortality, a decreased length of stay in hospital, and fewer intensive care days.[3] ā€“ findings that have since been replicated around the world.

The Sepsis Six consists of three diagnostic and three therapeutic steps ā€“ all to be delivered within one hour of the initial diagnosis of sepsis:

Titrate oxygen to a saturation target of 94%
Take blood cultures and consider source control
Administer empiric intravenous antibiotics
Measure serial serum lactates
Start intravenous fluid resuscitation
Commence accurate urine output measurement.

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I have established this forum to discuss real life accounts and experiences surrounding sepsis. The symptoms are not easily identifiable. By discussion and sharing experiences we can learn from one another and hopefully save lives.

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